The Amazing Benefits of NAC – Angelica shares her discovery

Anglica is one of the most valuable Endometriosis followers. She not only helps with spreading the positive words of natural healing methods for Endometriosis but has also used herself as a “Guinea Pig” to try supplements that could help us.

With this post, Anglica shares her story of NAC, which she has found to be hugely beneficial for your health.

I have been suffering from endometriosis since age 11 and had a diagnosis very late in life, which resulted in having to remove my female organs. I didn’t agree to having all the organs removed but unfortunately did have some removed. I felt okay for the first year. Unfortunately, all my problems returned gradually and two years after my operation life became a struggle again. On top of this I developed symptoms of fibromyalgia.


I knew that I did not want to have another operation and neither did I want to receive artificial hormones with all their side effects to control my endometriosis.


I felt that I had to do my own research on the internet. Interestingly there was a lot about the connection between endometriosis and environmental toxins and inflammation on the internet, something I had never heard about before.


Obviously, some scientists link pesticides, dioxins and other environmental pollutants to the development of endometriosis. Also, I found out, that endometriosis is a multifaceted illness that impacts the immune system and the bowels as well. That explained my life-long struggle with infections and IBS.


Going deeper into the matter I learnt that oxidative stress in cells may lead to the development and growth of endometriomas outside the lining of the womb, causing chronic inflammation, adhesions and pain.


Oxidative stress is defined by an increase in free radicals and inflammatory mediators inside the cells. Oxidative stress itself is seen as a cause for many illnesses and a malfunctioning immune system.


I was excited as everything pointed to an anti-oxidant, which is produced in the liver and is involved in literally every metabolic process within the body at cell level: Glutathione.


Some scientists think that women suffering from endometriosis might have a defective enzyme pathway in the production of Glutathione which might develop in the early stages of pregnancy when the mother is exposed to environmental toxins.


Environmental toxins, stress, chemicals in food can cause the liver to become depleted of Glutathione. This leads to an imbalance in female hormones, specifically an overload of estrogens. Even the menstrual cycle itself places a demand on Glutathione, as there is a higher demand for it in the second half of the cycle.


Glutathione is involved in the detoxification of the body from heavy metals, pesticides, estradiol, chlorinated hydrocarbon solvents, prostaglandins, leukotrienes, acetaminophene and many other toxins. It regulates the cell cycle, DNA and protein synthesis and proteolysis and gene expression and decreases the cellular production of pro-inflammatory mediators.


I understood that Glutathione was the key to a better functioning immune system and to reducing the overshooting inflammation that makes endometriosis so difficult to control.


The easiest and fastest way to increase the Glutathione level in the liver is actually by taking N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC), a modified precursor of this powerful anti-oxidant. I was greatly encouraged to try this substance when I found an article by the Italian scientists Tiziana Parasassi and Maria Grazia Porpora, in which they described that NAC actually directly prevents endometrioma cells to proliferate without suppressing the ovary function as done by the usual pharmacological treatment. This way it results in pain relief and can even help some women with conceiving. As NAC increases the level of Glutathione in the liver it enhances Oestrogen metabolism and therefore rebalances the female hormones. It can also improve the symptoms of chronic fatigue which many women with endometriosis suffer from.


I decided to start an experiment on myself, as it appeared to be a very safe substance. The research results told me that there were no side effects when it was taken in the safe dose of 1800 – 2400mg/d for 3 months. I take capsules of NAC on three alternating days in the week, three times a day.


The results have been amazing!


My fibromyalgia symptoms have completely disappeared after the first week of taking it. My periods are far better and completely manageable. I can easily control the pain with natural remedies and I am able to go to work during my period. I have no pain and no bleeding between periods any more. I am more energetic!


I can tell that my hormone levels are better balanced by the disappearance of the pain in my breasts. My chronic gastritis is less painful, my IBS flare ups lessened and I just dealt with a confirmed influenza incredibly easy. I have only one more week left to take it and I am considering continuing it.


I looked up side effects for prolonged treatment and they do not scare me. I have to make sure my body PH is alkaline and to drink sufficient water in order to avoid the development of kidney stones. As I am on a vegetarian, organic, anti – inflammatory diet my PH is usually alkaline anyway. I can enhance this by taking potassium citrate if in doubt.


In order to maintain the good result I achieved from taking NAC I hold on to a specific life-style. I stay away from xenoestrogens and toxins as much as possible. I enjoy researching and finding heaps of information to heal my body naturally.


Thank you for sharing this very valuable information Anglika.

The method of taking NAC is only short-term. 3 months is the recommended time frame. One is to take 3 tablets, for only 3 days of the week. Check the recommendation on the brand you take. I recommend Solgar brand – might have to source a good quality one in your individual country.

Note: this is a very powerful method of cleansing and taking too much can have quite strong detox effects. 


NAC’s focus is in aiding the liver. We want to combine our NAC Supplements with a healthy diet which is low in fats and has heaps of greens.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask them underneath this blog.


8 Responses to The Amazing Benefits of NAC – Angelica shares her discovery

  1. Nina April 17, 2014 at 4:59 pm #

    I will be off bc in a few days. I’m so excited! I want to do a liver flush and colon cleanse, but I read that it is better to cleanse the kidney before doing the liver. So, I need to wait.

    I want to know while I am taking products to prepare my body for the cleanse, what do I take for those days that I have a cycle and just leading up to the cleanse? What herbs or supplements should I start taking the day I get off the bc?

  2. Christian March 27, 2014 at 1:19 am #

    If you never heard about RiboCeine, your missing it. RiboCeine has been shown to effectively deliver cysteine into the cell, enabling it to produce optimal amounts of glutathione. Unlike any other nutritional compound in the world, RiboCeine has been the subject of twenty published, peer-reviewed scientific studies that were funded by the National Institutes of Health and other scientific institutions. RiboCeine was developed after years of research by the renowned research scientist and medicinal chemist, Herbert T. Nagasawa, Ph.D. for more info visit this site:

  3. Kendra March 28, 2013 at 5:35 pm #

    Hi Mel.
    Mentioned in the article it says NAC should be taken for 3 months. After this 3 month period are you done for good? If so, could it really have a lifelong lasting effect? Or do you start up again after a certain amount of time and go for another 3 months?
    Thanks, Kendra

  4. fern feto spring March 25, 2013 at 7:58 pm #

    Also-Whey is rich in Glutathione-Melissa you mentioned that you’ve been working with Nourishing Traditions and Fallon is a heavy whey promoter-I just started working with this as well after hearing about it for years and am really enjoying it. Dr. Mercola also talks about using Glutathione too detox from Mercury in this article

    I’m curious if the results are quicker with the NAC than the whey though, so am going to try the NAC!

  5. anne March 23, 2013 at 7:04 pm #

    NAC dosage is conflicting within the article and at the end of the article. Understand that you take it 3 times a day on alternating days 3x a week, but how many milligrams per day total do you divide by 3? Any brand suggestions that provide the right dosage? Thanks!!

    • Melissa March 24, 2013 at 12:44 pm #

      Hi Anne,
      Thanks for pointing that out. I have updated the article. I recommend Solgar but you can get Veridian if you are in the UK which is even better. The dosage is usually on the bottle too :)

  6. grace March 23, 2013 at 7:12 am #

    Thank you for sharing this information. This is a really an amazing story! I was just wondering, is it okay to take Glutathione supplements or capsules along with NAC?

    • Melissa March 24, 2013 at 12:53 pm #

      I am not sure. Will ask Angelica on that one :)

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