The lovely benefits of “Leaves in a cup” discovered while I lived in London!

I lived in London for a few years and decided to adapt their favourite past-time into my life, since then. I always remember when I had a tough day and I would tell my friends about it, they would inevitably say: “why don’t you have a cup of tea?”. At first I found this habit slightly annoying as I was generally rushed, stressed out and wanted a solution for my problem! And now! How could tea possibly help with that?

The truth is, it really works. I eventually got used to drinking tea, every time I had a rough day or was stressed out. There is something about tea…. have you tried it?

I realised just how much I have enjoyed this habit since then when I started packing up the kitchen yesterday. There were so many tea varieties. Everything from Dandelion Root to Horsetail Tea, Raspberry Leaves and Pau D’ Arco! It has become like an obsession! Everytime I go to a market or health shop I go straight to the tea section! Inevitably I find some tasty combination or healthy tea to try :)

Tea has incredible health properties. Research any of them in more detail and you will be amazed at how good they are for you! I am not talking about black tea – the herbals only :) From Tisane’s to teas there are so many to explore! I recently explored Chamomile and was amazed!

Here’s the other thing, it helps you slow down and take a moment. Wait for the tea to cool and then drink it slowly, enjoying each sip. This is so relaxing. Those 5minutes makes a huge difference to my day. I have a “tea break” mid morning and mid afternoon.

Well, I found the story of how tea began and was intrigued to discover the story began in China. Apparently a leaf fell into a cup of hot water and was drunk by a china man! How cute! I am sure it was a little more complicated than that but hey that is how many of these things started. Eventually, England discovered tea and it became quite an exclusive drink. They imposed a huge tax making it inaccessable to the “common man”. A massive underground illegal trade of tea began in England! It was the most saught after item! Unreal! Well, the powers that be, finally realised how silly this was and dropped the tax imposed on tea to a normal range. The hype around tea remained in England though and to this day, you will find the tradition everywhere.

So, feel lucky that we don’t live in the 1600′s and can simply buy our healthy teas and Tisane’s at a supermarket or health shop! You can easily make your own too!

Here are some fabulous and easy ideas:

  • Ginger Tea – check out my recipe here
  • Parsley Tea. Parsley is a fantastic herb that offers heaps of health benefits. It is great for the liver and is a natural cleanser and diuretic.
  • Oregano – good for bugs in the digestive tract, Mint, Dill, Rosemary – combine these or add some spices, lemon juice or paprika. Have a play :)
  • Olive Leaf Tea – seriously like sitting under a tree and leaves falling in your cup! Olive Leaf Extract has heaps of benefits!
If you really want to find some amazing healing properties all around you, just type “Health benefits of….” into Google and you will be amazed at how good they are for you. Here is a lovely blog site listing some of the benefits of teas.
Healing doesn’t have to be an elaborate supplement you buy that comes from some foreign country on the other side of the world :). Healing can begin in your backyard!
Let me know what you discover in your Google Searches. It is heaps of fun when you discover how easy it can be :)


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