How to Make an Endo Girl more Beautiful

It has been a hectic couple of weeks and there was so little time for good ol’ Mel ….yes….me! I had to organise a new house, with new flatmates, just got a new job and in all of this, little ol’ me kinda got neglected. So, this weekend was all about spoiling me….in every sense of the word. One part of this, is following a now quite refined beauty regiment – one I have perfected over the last couple of years.

See, as Endo Girls we have to do things a little differently when it comes to looking after ourselves or shall I say: doing the womanly maintenance bits. It is all about avoiding toxins in the products we use. That means we need to be creative with what we use in our hair, our skin and even our toe nails! So, I thought I would share what I do and use to keep myself nicely “maintained” and what makes me feel extra beautiful, allowing me to spoil myself!

I usually start with my feet and move my way up to the head. Routinely, I do the feet on a Friday night


Feet soaking and mini massage

I actually got one of those foot soaking baths for one of my birthdays but unfortunately it wasn’t exactly high on the priority list of things to bring with to London. So, now I use a bucket – honestly you don’t need the fancy stuff. It is more about what you put in the warm water than anything else. I tend to add some drops of oils (depending on what I have on hand and what I feel like at the time). Usually, I add a pine type mixture, which is kinda earthing but sometimes I want some energy or something lighter, so go for the tea tree or peppermint oil. It is important not to put too much in as it can really sting your skin otherwise. – learnt that the hard way :)

I also usually add some Magnesium Sulphate or better known as Epsom Salts to the water as well. This has a detoxifying effect on the body and soothes the feet. Once my feet have soaked for a while and are nice and soft, I will use a pumice stone to scrub off any rough bits on my feet.

Then it is time for the mini massage! I take my feet out of the warm water and place them on a towel. I then get out my favourite ingredient – Coconut Oil and rub my feet in it. I make a point of massaging into the grooves of my feet and really massaging out the knots. It is even better when James offers to do it for me!

Once finished I put my feet in some warm soft, cotton socks and go to bed. The next morning, my feet feel amazing!


Body Routine

I stick to a fairly good routine for my skin. I dry brush my skin and then go for a shower. To finish the shower, I turn the tap to cold. Yes, I know this sounds horrific! However, it is incredibly good for our circulation. It does actually get to be a habit and I find now, that I actually enjoy it. It wakes me up and it is also good for the hair (apparently seals the hair follicles)

I then use coconut oil as a moisturiser – it is really yummy and makes me super smooth. I have also found that my skin doesn’t burn when I apply coconut oil.


Face Mask

I am quite creative with these and compine different ingredients to make them. The trick to making your own is to always use an oil base, something fairly rough and something with anti-bacterial qualities. When I am feeling creative, I simply look in my kitchen cupboard and combine ingredients. You could add a base oil of Almond Oil or Sesame Oil, then add some oats or buckwheat flakes, then an anti-bacterial like manuka honey. I have also used cocoa powder and kiwi fruits in the past. It is fun making them and seeing the result!

The easiest masks are to get a clay and simply mix this with water and apply. Clays are great at absorbing any excess oils from the skin. You can also use Manuka Honey on it’s own.

The trick with masks is to apply them to warm skin and to leave them on long enough for them to have an effect.


Hair Mask

Once again, Coconut Oil comes to the rescue. I actually melt the oil and make it nice an warm, apply and then leave it in for a few hours in a towel, allowing it to soak in. I then rince it out with my organic shampoo. It is amazing how smooth and silky my hair feels.


What about the rest?

I have found a few websites, which I personally use to buy my make-up, nail polish and lipsticks. It is completely organic and feel fantastic. I also make a point of having make-up free days every now and again – just to feel comfortable and beautiful without the need for make-up!

Just type in: Natural Beauty Products into Google and I am sure you will find companies in your area. Otherwise, your local health store is likely to have a lovely range to try.
Need some ideas on how to make your own?
The best way to really get to know your skin and what your body likes is to make your own – you will naturally be drawn to certain ingredients :)
Here are some cool websites: My homemade beauty or homemade masks. 
Do you make your own beauty products? Do you have some ideas to share for everyone? What have you found works the best for your skin/ hair or body?
Love to hear some other ideas for me to try too :)




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  1. Amber September 10, 2012 at 10:05 pm #

    This makes me want to go soak my feet right now! I’ve heard coconut oil is great for hair. Do you just melt it on the stove, or can you put it in the microwave? Also, any tips on a good facial moisturizer? All the ones I’ve used make my skin red and irritated at first, but with fair skin I have to wear sunblock daily! I’ve used coconut oil on other parts of the body, but it seams too greasy for my face.

  2. endohope September 10, 2012 at 7:18 am #

    Anything in particular to recommend for ladies with Afro-Caribbean hair? My hair gets so dry, and I’m sure how tired I always am doesn’t help.

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