10 Ways to Deal with Endometriosis

1. Eat Well, Feel Well

Eating well will ensure you reduce the symptoms often associated with Endometriosis. This means you should avoid heavy meals like meat, eggs and dairy. Sugar and chocolate should also be avoided to reduce the pains associated with Endometriosis. An ideal diet would be a vegetarian diet with lots of vegetables and fruit giving the body the best vitamins, roughage and liquid required.

2. Exercise and movement

Regular exercise will ensure sufficient movement in the body. This also eliminates toxins and ensures the body expels what it needs to. This could include walking, tai chi, yoga or other “softer” forms of exercise. It is advisable to exercise every day, twice a day for shorter times rather than pushing yourself for long periods once a week. This will encourage your body to adapt slowly without exerting the body unnecessarily.

3. Stay positive

It is easy to feel isolated and out of control with Endometriosis. The condition can seem so erratic and can cause pain which you feel you can’t control or know where it has come from. By simply believing that you can cure yourself and that the pain is only temporary, you will automatically feel better. Help is here….

4. Build on your relationship outside of the bedroom

When you have constant pain and are worrying about experiencing pain during sex, it is often very difficult to feel like having sex with your partner. You may feel like you are not able to give your partner everything they require, as you are not able to be there for them in a sexual way. This can place huge strain on a relationship. Try to take your “bonding” time outside of the bedroom and create something else together, to still maintain the bond you have to each other. Nice ways to do this would be to start a project together like re-designing the garden together or starting new hobbies together. You know your relationship well enough to work out what bonds you share and how to build on those.

5. Boost your body

Endometriosis sufferers naturally have a lower immune system so it is a good idea to give your body a boost to cope and to help fight the condition easier. There are some fantastic products emerging daily which offer extra immune boosting powers, anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory elements and heaps of amino acids to fight free radicals. I would recommend Aloe Vera Juice and Noni Juice as examples; however there are many other juices which offer similar properties and benefits.

6. Get a plan that solves the problem

This is not a condition that will go away by having endless operations or taking hormone treatments. These might solve the problem on a temporary basis, even sometimes for years but the condition is likely to reappear years later, often worse or with more side effects. A plan involves finding holistic methods which you feel comfortable with and working through a process of healing your body the natural way. This will ensure lasting results and a general overall feeling of well-being for you.

7. Get support

It is important to find people who you can share your story with. People that understand your condition can relate and most importantly make you feel better about it. Support means that you find people within your community or within online communities that give real solutions to how you feel and give you positive answers.

8. Keep Warm

One of the ways to alleviate symptoms and to reduce pain is to keep warm, from the inside and the outside. This could include drinking lots of herbal teas, hot ginger drinks (naturally warms the body) and eating warming foods like soups and broths. You will probably naturally crave having hot baths! The other methods to keep warm could be to get a heat pack or water bottle which you can place on your tummy while watching TV or sitting down for longer periods.

9. Reduce Stress

Stress is always going to affect you more as you will naturally cramp your abdominal muscles when you do so, causing the endometriosis cells to be squeezed with them. Stress is often a mental state which you can control through positive thinking and telling yourself that “everything is okay”. There are many ways to reduce stress but my favourites are: laughing, deep breathing and playing with the dog.

10. Don’t overwork yourself.

Unfortunately, your body has limits and you are better off recognising this to prevent further pain down the track. Recognise when you are tired and when you need a break and TAKE IT. You need to be strict with yourself to ensure you look after your body and give it plenty of rest.

These are all great ways to deal with Endometriosis and act as a great guideline – print it off and stick it on your bedroom mirror! I cover all of the above in much more detail in various posts on my blog. Simply type in the topic you feel you really want help with and you should find more information.

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